McMahon's Mill Civil War Military & American Heritage Museum:

HOURS: by appointment only. (301) 223-8778

ADMISSION: $3 per person (special rates for groups) 

     A collection of memorabilia reflecting the History,  Wars, Art, Technology, Antiques, Coins and items of the American Heritage of the 1800's and 1900's eras collected by the McMahon-Ellis families and friends.     
     The Museum will be a living time capsule of The Civil War, World War I, World War II, Weapons, Ceramic Art, Brass Rubbings, Antique Record players, and a Gatling Gun, along with other heritage items.


    Current Sections:

  • History of guns and weapons
  • Civil War
  • WWI and WWII
  • Past American Coinage
  • Past Communication Systems
  • International Art Items
  • Brass Rubbings
  • Water Mills
  • Edison Record Players
  • Victor Record Players
  • Player Piano
  • Jewelry from around the world
  • C&O Canal
  • Fencing
  • Desert Storm Items
  • Ceramic Art